Puriflask™ UV-C Self-Cleaning Water Bottle


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Puriflask™ UV-C Self-Cleaning Water Bottle $69.00
Why Puriflask
  • Self-Cleaning with UV-C: Kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens in just 180 seconds.
  • 24 Hours Chill & 12 Hours Hot: Double walled vacuum insulation to keep your drink just the way you want it, hot or cold.
  • Smart Water Reminder: Bottle lid will light up to keep you in check with regular water reminders every 90 minutes.
  • Water temperature Display: Monitor the temperature of your water at any time of the day.
  • 100% Plastic-Free Durable Stainless Steel: Made out medical grade stainless steel with 500ml capacity.
  • Long Lasting Battery: 2+ months of use on a single charge (USB-C fast charging).
  • Environmentally-friendly: Say goodbye to plastic bottles and save $405/year on bottled water.


How to use

Here is how to use your Puriflask bottle:

  1. Fill up your bottle
  2. Touch your smart display for 2 seconds
  3. Wait 180 seconds until your water is free from contaminants
  4. Enjoy clean and safe water 

Here is how to activate the water reminder function:

  1. Tap your smart display twice
  2. You will see a glass icon on the top left corner
  3. Now, your bottle will remind you to stay hydrated every 2 hours. (No app required)

If you are not satisfied with your Puriflask bottle, you can use our 90-day no questions asked guarantee. It does not cover any issues due to normal wear and tear, misuse or loss / theft of the product.

Is Your Water Bottle Making You Sick?

Every sip from a regular water bottle is a gulp of germs. Studies reveal that common water containers can become breeding grounds for bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus, often invisible to the naked eye. These bacteria can compromise your immune system, leading to illness.

Do these symptoms sound familiar to you?

Unexplained Fatigue
Feeling unusually tired and lacking energy can be a sign that your body is fighting off germs from a contaminated water bottle.
Digestive Issues
Symptoms like nausea, stomach cramps, or irregular bowel movements can also stem from drinking contaminated water, introducing harmful bacteria to your digestive system.
Frequent Colds
If you find yourself catching colds more often than usual, it could be a weakened immune system caused by continuous exposure to bacteria in your water bottle, making you more susceptible to infections.

Puriflask™ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle with Smart Display

Clinically proven UVC Light Technology
Harness the proven power of UV-C technology, now in your water bottle. Trusted in hospitals and certified by the FDA, it delivers unparalleled purity with every sip.
Double Layer Vacuum Insulation
Enjoy your drink just the way you like it with Puriflask. Effortlessly monitor and maintain the ideal temperature for hours—cold drinks stay chilled for 24 hours and hot drinks stay warm for 12. Perfect sips, any season, anytime.
Smart Hydration Reminder
Puriflask is more than a water bottle; it’s your personal hydration coach. A simple double touch activates a drinking reminder, nudging you to drink regularly for enhanced energy and well-being. No App required!
I’m always on the go and used to forget to drink water. Since I got my Puriflask, not only am I drinking more, but my skin and focus have improved dramatically!
Lina K.
Califorina, United States

Worry Less, Hydrate More

Embrace hydration without the hassle. Our cutting-edge solution ensures your water is consistently pure and fresh, allowing you to focus on enjoying your day and staying hydrated. Say goodbye to the stress of unsafe water and hello to continuous, clean hydration. 

Clean Water in 180 Seconds

It eliminates up to 99% of harmful bio-contaminants, ensuring your hydration is safe and pure.

Cold & Warm: 24/12 Insulated Hydration

Its robust double-wall vacuum insulation maintains your drink’s temperature – cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Hydration meets innovation for your active lifestyle.

Clean Water in 180 Seconds

Just press the Puriflask display for 2 seconds to activate the UVC Light

Odor & Bacteria Free

Your Puriflask is always clean and ready to use whenever you need it

Temperature Display

Your Puriflask tells you the exact temperature of your beverages

Smart Water Reminder

Every 2 hours you Puriflask will remind youto hydrate (Parents love this)

Zero Plastic

Microplastics are harming your body and mother nature. Puriflask is proud of being 100% plastic free

Spill Proof

Your Puriflask is 100% spill proof and your true companion on every adventure

Frequently Asked Questions